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American National: Manufacturer of iSense Sleep’s Adjustable Air Mattress

When we started reviewing options for the manufacturer of iSense Sleep’s premium air mattress, we knew they had to ensure a high quality of products to provide unique sleeping experience to our customers.  We found that high standard with American National Manufacturing, an FDA- registered manufacturer of durable, high-quality adjustable mattresses for upwards of 40 years. After extensive research, testing the product, and learning about American National’s history of innovation, we knew the company was a strong choice for collaborating on the development of an innovative line of adjustable sleep surfaces for our consumers.


In the early 1970’s in Orange, California, a group of innovators, led by two brothers, Curtis and Craig Miller Sr., got together to design the best sleep surface the world had ever seen. Working first with water mattresses and soft sided waterbeds, the company started turning out innovative designs with an eye toward comfort and support.

By 1988, American National had put out its first patented, computerized air mattress and created a new gold standard for air-based sleep surface products. They’ve been elevating this standard ever since by testing out new designs and product prototypes. In the medical industry, American National is known as a pioneering mattress brand due to their mattresses which treat and prevent decubitus ulcers in patients who must remain stationary for long recovery times.


When American National came out with their Original Number Bed in the late 1980s, they created a paradigm shift within the mattress industry. Prior to that release, mattresses had remained static without the option to adjust per sleeper.

With the Original Number Bed, Craig Miller, Sr., American National, designed the different, unique mattress which was easily adjusted through a unique system of air cells and pressure. By using an air chamber and a handheld remote to trigger the mattress’s internal pump, each bed could be adjusted from settings ranging from 1-10. This new invention was patented and brought to market by 1988.

Adjusting to consumer feedback, in 1995, American National started bringing their patented number bed to hospitals all around the country to assist in the prevention of pressure injuries, which occur when a patient has been in a stationary position for too long. With the medical number bed, caregivers could now easily adjust the bed’s settings without exerting any extra energy. Just two years later, the Original Medical Number Bed had become an industry standard in hospitals across the country.



When it comes to high quality products, American National has led the charge since the 1980s. Today, the company continues to expand upon that success by creating newer and more efficient models using the same groundbreaking technology to offer consumers a better, healthier night’s sleep.



In the years since 1972, when American National came out with its first waterbed model, times have changed drastically. But American National’s commitment to new, promising technology has always distinguished the company from its competition, rendering it a cut above the average mattress manufacturer.

With American National’s cutting-edge technologies, its history of excellence, and its dedication to creating products adored by companies and individual consumers alike, we know we’ve made the right choice for iSense Sleep.

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