Over the years, tons of successful people from Thomas Edison to Martha Stewart have bragged about hitting the hay for no more than four hours at a time and spending their days and nights plugging away at their work. For a lot of people, sleepless nights are a point of pride, but let’s unpack that for a second: can you really be effective at your job when you can hardly keep your eyes open?

Fortunately for those of us who enjoy a good night’s rest, times are changing! Scientists have been saying for ages that sleep is essential to making sure we function well in our daily lives, and we’re finally starting to come around and agree. Sleep is now considered the third pillar of good health, joining healthy eating and regular exercise sessions as the top three ways to ensure that our minds and bodies reach peak performance. So while you can make it through the day on, say, four hours of sleep, you’re probably not going to be particularly productive. As the folks over at the Huffington Post note, “Healthy Sleep has been empirically proven to be the single most important determinant in predicting longevity, more important than diet, exercise, or heredity and at least a third of us don’t sleep well.”

In other words, too many all-nighters could spell disaster later in life.

But how do you fix this? Do you download a sleep-tracking app on your smartphone or watch? As exciting as they look, do they really work? Is my REM score really 10% most nights? What does that even mean?

Go ahead and ditch all that fancy schmancy secondary stuff — seriously. Why not start by going back to the basics and make sure that you’re actually comfortable when you get your shut-eye? It’s such a simple concept, but it’s somehow revolutionary.

Can't sleep, need a better mattress.

Here’s the honest truth: a good night’s sleep starts with your bed. Having a comfortable mattress to snooze on is largely what’s going to determine how rejuvenated you are in the morning.

Imagine how incredible it would be if someone ventured forth to focus solely on improving the quality of sleep through research and cutting-edge technology. What if we could demand that our mattresses are customized to suit the individualized needs of each and every one of us, whether we prefer a spring, foam or air mattress? After all, one person’s cloud is another’s wooden board when it comes to beds.
Now imagine that there is a person out there who has the power to make this all happen and is actively working on it. Imagine that this person, speaking in an impeccable Australian accent, vows to only invent products that work for people of ALL shapes and sizes and allow you to change your comfort preferences as they change over time. That would really be something, wouldn’t it?
Here’s the part where things get really exciting: we know of that very Australian who wants nothing more than to extend the life of every person in the whole world.  And guess what? He has big, big plans. That man is Paul Longman, and he already knows exactly how to improve your sleep quality using the power of science. Oh, and he just so happens to have an ENORMOUS network of contacts in the mattress and sleep science industries.

Paul, who until last December, lived in Sydney, Australia, has worked in the mattress industry for almost 30 years, most recently as the CEO of A.H. Beard, whom you might recognize as Australia’s leading mattress manufacturer. Paul was instrumental in developing one of the first ‘Smart Beds’ SleepSense Mattresses in 2016, which uses custom settings and sleep trackers to make each night as restful as possible.

While working on the SleepSense project, it dawned on Paul that a little innovation could completely revolutionize the mattress industry, and the clouds parted. After a wild moment of inspiration, he spent the next six months studying and preparing for his next move. As much as he loved A.H. Beard, he had a new calling: it was time to shake things up by developing new sleep technology never before seen in the Mattress Industry.Quote- we know of that very Australian

In February 2017, Paul and his wife, Denay, founded Advanced Sleep Technologies (AST) in Springfield, Missouri, with a goal to extend the life of every single person by helping them sleep better.

We are very excited to FINALLY announce our story.  We invite you to follow along on our journey as we take a deep dive into the mattress and sleep science industries. Our intentions and goals are simple: to improve The Sleep Experience for absolutely EVERYONE out there.

At AST, we acknowledge and embrace the fact that we’re all different. We completely understand that what may feel right for one person probably isn’t perfect for another, and vice versa. We know that your preferences and needs change from time to time, and we’re here for that! Our team is committed to developing and engineering great sleep products that can be customized to the settings of your choice, putting you in control of your own comfort — after all, who knows how your back feels better than you do? We will strive to only create products that you can adjust and modify through patented spring, foam and air products designed to suit your needs and preferences for years to come, because no two people are the same and no one should be forced to purchase a product that is made for someone else.

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