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Peterson Chemical Technology: The Technology Behind iSense Sleep’s Adjustable Foam Mattress! - Advanced Sleep Technologies, Inc. |
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Peterson Chemical Technology: The Technology Behind iSense Sleep’s Adjustable Foam Mattress!

By January 9, 2018 No Comments
After researching a number of trusted companies, we are pleased to announce that Peterson Chemical Technology in Fort Smith, Arkansas will be providing the foam technology for iSense Sleep’s Foam Mattress.  Peterson Chemical Technology’s focus on cutting edge technology will give our memory foam mattresses a scientific edge over competitors. In addition, they have been a leader in technological advancements in the foam industry and have a history of excellence and world leadership in comfort technologies. History Founded in 2002, Texas-based Peterson Chemical Technology consists of a team of experienced chemists, engineers, and scientists who are focused on creating comfortable, technologically-superior sleep surfaces. Decades before the company was formed, a group of researchers for NASA had created memory foam to establish safe, supportive aircraft cushions for interstellar travel. The foam was later introduced to the public where it found many different uses including helmet lining, medical equipment padding, and specialized chair cushions. This foam technology initially required a substantial amount of work to produce on a commercial sale. Because of this, memory foam was first introduced to the consumer mattress industry in the early 1990s by a Swedish company Fagerdala World Foams. Their mattress boasted a unique way of cradling the sleeping body’s pressure points while retaining pressure and support over time. Consumers quickly found out through Fagerdala’s mattress line that this early version of memory foam was far too dense to create a restful sleep. While memory foam created a great sleep surface, it wasn’t as breathable as organic fibers like cotton, which caused the mattresses to sleep hot and hold in odors.  The chemistry of the original memory foam also made it stiff at room temperature, lose recovery rate over time, and suffer in durability causing body impressions. The team at Peterson Chemical Technology developed CoolFlow open cell visco foam in order to combine the features that people loved about memory foam with cooling, breathability, and dynamic durability that are necessary for a comfortable night sleep. This innovation of breathable, durable, open cell viscoelastic foam is the key technological advancement that has spurred the rapid growth of memory foam mattress popularity in the 21st-century. Peterson Chemical Technology has numerous patents covering this technology and other breakthrough science, transforming the global specialty foam market. Products From an ever expanding family of open cell specialty foam technologies to comfort additives and thermal management systems, Peterson Chemical Technology has been at the forefront of new developments in comfort technology for nearly two decades. In addition to their original open-cell “Cool Flow” visco foam, they’ve also engineered Energex specialty foam, an adaptive, resilient foam technology with the pressure relief of visco that responds to body heat with an increase in resiliency while still maintaining partner isolation. By creating sleep technologies that allow for smart support without sacrificing comfort, Peterson Chemical Technology has paved the way for a whole new generation of consumer-friendly bedding. Quality Peterson Chemical Technology continues to innovative the specialty foam industry with better comfort technologies and capabilities. In addition to open cell specialty foam, they have developed a wide range of thermal additives designed to move and regulate heat flow in foam and improve foam durability, clean additives for reducing flammability and improving antimicrobial properties, eco-friendly biopolyol, and a line of breathable visco pillows. They have a high standard for the durability and quality of their products and work tirelessly to develop technology that will elevate consumer sleep experience. Our Choice Peterson Chemical Technology’s work with innovative foam has made the company a globally recognized leader in their field. From its early days as a the developer of open cell visco foam to its current status as a manufacturer of over 100 unique comfort products and customers in 6 continents, they have proven their commitment to progress and quality in the comfort technology sphere. At iSense Sleep we are excited about our partnership with Peterson Chemical Technology. Together, we look forward to creating lush, supportive foam sleep surfaces that will give consumers the most restful sleep of their lives. Interested in learning more? Sign up to receive early access to the World’s First Adjustable Mattress Line.