If you find yourself constantly visiting that coffee machine in the afternoon for that extra pep to push you over your daily slump, you probably aren’t resting enough. Fortunately, this is an easy thing to fix!

When we have a lot on our plates, getting a good night’s rest is usually the last thing on our minds. We take sleep for granted, and most of us don’t take a good hard look at our nightly habits often enough.

But the truth is, getting sufficient rest each night helps people function at higher levels, essentially turning them into the 2.0 versions of themselves. Unfortunately, most folks don’t understand the severity of some side effects that come with poor sleep, so we tend to let ourselves miss out on quality rest.

Sleep matters! Here are some of the ways that getting a good night’s rest can improve our lives:

  1. A Healthier You

While we might feel the need to keep late hours to get all our work done, what we don’t realize is that habitual sleep deprivation can have disastrous long-term effects on our health. Countless studies have found that sleepless people are susceptible to heart disease, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes, as well as other scary health problems, and people like shift workers who snooze at odd hours are particularly susceptible. One study found that healthy adults who mimicked the sleep patterns of shift workers developed pre-diabetic-level blood sugar levels in just a few days! Scary stuff…


  1. Prevent Accidents

It’s no secret that people often get clumsy when they are low on sleep, but did you know that sleepless individuals are way more likely to be involved in accidents? It’s true: the sleep-deprived are notorious for car crashes, workplace injuries and even just tripping around the house. Fortunately, there’s an easy fix: get enough Z’s and your reaction time and attention to detail will instantly operate at a higher level.


  1. Alleviate Pain

Few things are worse than when pain keeps you from falling asleep, but did you know that not getting enough shut eye can actually make your pain feel worse when you are awake? If you suffer from temporary or chronic discomfort that is so bad it keeps you up at night, you might consider consulting your doctor for sleep aids or other pain relief, because rest helps your body heal itself.


  1. Drop the Weight

That’s right, getting enough sleep even makes it easier to shed pounds and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you snooze, your body burns tons of calories; plus, a well-rested mind is much less likely to crave unhealthy foods than a tired one.


  1. Improve Your Sex Life

When it comes to action between the sheets (or, let’s face it, a lack thereof), if you need to get your groove back, you should start by sleeping more. One in four people say that they are too tired for any action, which can put a strain on relationships. There isn’t any clear cut reason why low sleep can be so detrimental to our sex lives, but some studies have found that some men who don’t sleep enough experience a dip in testosterone. Make sure you hit the hay so that you’ll be ready for the big moment.


  1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Sleep deprived folks are often more irritable and forgetful, and they often space out more than the well-rested. When you don’t sleep enough, your threshold for anger drops, your anxiety increases and you even socialize less. If this sounds like you, try to rest more — it might make you happier and more pleasant to be around.


  1. Sharpen Your Mind

It’s no mystery that your mind operates better when it has gotten enough rest. Those who are short on sleep sometimes experience cloudy thinking and have trouble remembering things, since your brain processes and stores memories while you sleep.


  1. Boost Your Immunity

Stay healthy! Numerous studies show that people who get fewer than seven hours of sleep per night are three times more likely to get sick than those who get their 8 hours. While sleeping more doesn’t make you immune to everything, it will certainly give your system a welcome boost that will help you fight off that cold.

It’s almost as if getting enough sleep is the cure for everything, isn’t it?

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