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Restless Nights? The Issue Could Be Your Mattress!

If you’re a habitually restless sleeper who can never quite get into that nightly groove, it might be simply because you don’t have the right mattress. That’s right, your sleepless nights could be as easy to fix as finding a mattress that’s a little softer or a little firmer.

Don’t take our word for it, this fact was discovered by Research Triangle International, led by Duke University’s Drs. Andy Krystal and Jack Edinger. This pair of experts conducted one of the largest studies ever on healthy sleepers and found that the research touted by a lot of other mattress companies is dead wrong.

See, here’s the issue: most mattress studies usually use tiny sample sizes and conclude that, “medium firm” mattresses are the most conducive to sleep, but there are some problems with that research.  Primarily, it does not take into consideration that many of those participating in the tests actually slept better on mattresses that were not “medium firm.” Essentially, it does not consider the fact that everyone has different mattress preferences, just because a larger number of people may have chosen a “medium-firm” mattress, one cannot arrive at the conclusion that the same mattress is best for everyone.  The fact is everybody is different, so it goes to reason that not everyone is going to react favorably to a one size-fits-all “average” mattress prescription — it’s just common sense.

Another problem is the concept itself of “medium firm” is subjective. Considering personal preference, sensitivity, and weight, two people — for instance, a 95-pound woman and a 295-pound man — might lie on the same bed and perceive it to have totally different levels of firmness.

In the Krystal and Edinger study, however, they looked at more than 16,000 nights of sleep between the large sample size of 128 people, using seven different mattress support levels. They found that even slight differences in firmness-to-softness made giant differences in the subjects’ pain levels and ability to sleep soundly.  It’s the same reason that sleeping in someone else’s bed for a night or two can wreak havoc on your ability to get comfortable for the night and leave you rubbing your eyes and clamoring over to the coffee maker throughout the next day.

“When allowed to test mattresses in a typical showroom experience, individuals choose a mattress that did not minimize overnight motion and maximize perceived sleep quality,” says the study. “This suggests that they may not be receiving the health benefits that come from optimal rest. Therefore, both manufacturers and sleep scientists could improve sleep outcomes by testing ways to help consumers select a mattress.” The team also found that “optimal mattress firmness varies among individuals and is reflected, at least to a degree, by overnight motion.” In other words, the study found that it can be hard to determine what mattress you like best when you’re awake, the way most of us shop for a mattress. You need to take it for a test drive for a few full nights before you really know if it is going to help you catch those precious Z’s.

Part of this is because when you hit the later, deeper stages of your sleep cycle your muscles relax completely, and you lose a good deal of spinal support, so what feels best when you are wide awake might not be the right fit when you’re deep asleep.

The answer to the glaring problem with finding the right mattress is adjustability. Currently, there are no real options if you want to adjust comfort on a spring or foam mattress so unless something changes, our hope for better sleep relies on purchasing an adjustable air bed.

When a mattress can adjust to your sleep needs over time and can respond to the physical changes you will encounter then and only then will we finally have developed a mattress that will be perfect for everyone.

At Advanced Sleep Technologies we understand the need for a truly adjustable mattress line. We know that your preferences and needs change from time to time, and we’re here for that! Our Team is committed to creating exceptional sleep products that can be customized to the settings of your choice, putting you in control of your own comfort.

This sleep revolution is close to launching and we are thrilled to share our story with you. Stay tuned, finally a company is integrating technology into the mattress industry!

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