30% of Adults
Don’t Get Enough Sleep!

“A good night’s sleep” has been ingrained in our vocabulary for as long as we can remember.  Today, however, there is plenty of supporting research to give us a better understanding of what that actually means.

The link between insufficient sleep and serious health issues such as obesity, heart attacks, cardiovascular health, diabetes and various other health concerns is undeniable. Now, with advances in technology and sleep product innovation, sleep health is moving to the forefront of the life-health conversation.  This drives our quest for creating the Interconnected Sleep Experience™ and innovative new bedding products that contribute to better health through better sleep.

We Need A
Sleep Technology Revolution

There are many claims about which sleep surface is best for a good night’s sleep, and, today, there is no shortage of options. We recognize and embrace the qualities of foam, spring and air. But, we also believe that the best sleep surface has yet to be created – a sleep surface that incorporates the benefits of every mattress available today.

Our sleep experts and technology teams are committed to:

  • Exploring and advancing adjustable sleep surfaces
  • Discovering innovative uses of foam, spring and air technologies
  • Advancing manufacturing techniques and bedding materials