Research, Technology and Sleep Science

Most people define their sleep experience by their mattress. We see the sleep experience as an Interconnected Sleep Experience that brings together bedding, environmental factors, lifestyle and health.

We are creating the Interconnected Sleep Experience that takes into consideration:

  • What happens when sleeping and what contributes to quality sleep
  • The dynamics of the sleep surface and your personalized sleep environment
  • Bedding materials that can impact the quality of your sleep
  • How ambient factors such as sound, light and even color affect sleep

The Best of Foam, Spring and Air

There are many claims about which sleep surface is best for a good night’s sleep, and, today, there is no shortage of options. We recognize and embrace the qualities of foam, spring and air. But, we also believe that the best sleep surface has yet to be created – a sleep surface that incorporates the benefits of every mattress available today.

Our sleep experts and technology teams are committed to:

  • Exploring and advancing adjustable sleep surfaces
  • Discovering innovative uses of foam, spring and air technologies
  • Advancing manufacturing techniques and bedding materials

Rise of Sleep Tracking

Advanced Sleep Technologies is committed to looking across the sleep ecosystem and to finding the right means for reliable and meaningful sleep tracking. We know that does not necessarily come from the mattress alone. We believe it is a combination of what happens when we sleep, environmental factors, bedding materials and even the contributors and inhibitors to quality sleep while awake. Only then can true sleep tracking be accomplished as we look to revolutionize the sleep experience.

The Interconnected Sleep Experience

We are using technology not just to track sleep but also to understand how temperature, respiration, heart rate, movement and sleep efficiency all affect the entirety of your Interconnected Sleep Experience.

We are extending technology beyond what is in the bed or even in your pillow to wearables and other devices in your “ISE” without intruding on your life or daily routine.  The result will be the ability to optimize your “ISE” that includes tracking sleep contributors and inhibitors inside and outside the bedroom for better health.